Friday, April 20, 2007

Fairy LO

This LO took me 4 days to complete not whole entire days but the best part of 4 days. I was happy with how it turned out though and my DD well she is totally tickled with it. The pics on this LO are some of her favourites as she got to meet a real fairy not one in a book and she sprinkled her with fairy dust and added fairy sparkles to her cheeks oh and did she love that. Her twin brother was not to impressed when he was sprinkled with fairy dust and told they fairy with much disgust that only girls have fairy dust. YUk he growled as he tried to remove it all from his hair. After we got over the initial shock of what he said we all had a chuckle. Anyways onto the LO.

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Shirl said...

Hey Caz

I know I have told you before but just wanted to make it official on ya blog. This is one of the most amazing lo's that you have ever done. It is so gorgeous g/f and ya should be really proud of all the effort you put into it. It was well and truly worth the four days you spent working on it. Excellent. Love Shirl