Sunday, February 22, 2009


The scanner has failed to catch the embossing and glitter all over the patterned paper. There is also lots of elements on the page that sparkle the scanner has made it look entirely different.


Shirl said...

Bud I am so loving this double lo too. I can see what you mean and imagine how much prettier it is in RL. I can see the kindy g on the clear SNOW title and you have added snow flakes etc and I feel like I can imagine the sparkle on the pp's too. Love the colours also - so very cool and fitting for a snow lo! Great work bud you are still on MAJOR league roll!

Carolyn said...

Thanks bud am glad we are all blessed with imaginations hehe. Sometimes we cant win between photographing and scanning sometimes you just cannot see things like u can in RL. Can be frustrating but I need to learn to deal with it and not get so frazzled with it. Thanks again bud.