Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sketch 21 Beary Box Design Team LO

This sketch i really struggled with as my good bud Shirl will verify. I came up with this exact LO and just stencil taped it together rather than anything permanent but I just wasn't happy with it. I moved things here and there but they always went back to the same spot so in the end I just stuck it down and got over it hehe. Sometimes you just have to give inand admit it is not going to happen any other way. It doesn't look So bad now its all together.


Shirl said...

GF I swear you worry me... if this is the bloody original I should reach out and slap ya silly! I love it just as it is... to think you were trying to redo it. DOH *smacks side of head*... you totally rocked this sketch bud. Honest!!xo S

Carolyn said...

HAHA trust you to slap me back into reality. yes this is the original bud I couldnt come up with anythign was going to change the papers but never got round to it just got the old glue out and said be gone LOL. Thansks o much bud for your lovely comments. I swear ya keep me sane sometimes or is that INsane LOL hehe just joking I dus love ya