Sunday, April 19, 2009

Scrappies Design Team subs

This is my second DT submission for May with the theme of What being a mum means to you.
Supplies used available in store were:
TLC Tressie circles cardstockx2
Buzz & Bloom Botanical Cb Flowers
TLC Tressie circles Die cut shapes
Paper Inklings rubons Mum
Additional items were
American Crafts Thickers
Jenni Bowlin Turquoise & pink label
Kaisercraft & Prima Flowers
Kaisercraft Pearls
Kindy glitzh
eart rhinestones
My minds eye rubons
Dymo Labeller
Fiskars threading water punch

There is hidden journalling which reads:
On October 29 2002 we found out that I was pregnant. We were all over the moon especially Kye who was going to get the little brother or sister he had been begging for almost daily. Our lives was about to change so much more than we had ever imagined. On November 11 at a routine scan we found out that not onlu did I have one baby growing inside my tummy but 2. At first I was shocked, scared, worried how we would cope. but never for one minute did I wish there was only one baby. Grandma was so excited when we told her she cried & could not wait to meet you both. Kye just couldn't wait. Because there was 2 of you I had to go to the hospital every 2 weeks to have a checkup & a bedside ultrasound with a specialist neonatal doctor. Each week we were so excited to see how much you would show off once you knew we were watching you. You both had the doctors daddy & I in fits laughing everytime at the things you were doing to one anohter. Once I got to 30 weeks I had to visit the hospital every week. Each week I became more frightened that I would lose one or both of you. The doctors made it very clear this was a high risk pregnancy. I was warned from 30 weeks complete bed rest or they would put me into hospital but I was very lucky it did not come to that. At 36 weeks and 1 day Dr. Jarrell Finally decided the time had come I was finding it hard to sleep, be comfortable and he was so happy that I had not yet gone into labour. Twin B was in the breech position where he had been for the last 6 months so a natural birth was not an option, it would risk all our lives and was not a chance the doctor was willing to take. So a cesear was scheduled for Friday June 13 2003. I tried to be brave but I was petrified. On June 12 I had to go to the preadmission clinic to have bloods & a general health check for the surgery the following day. I sat in a waiting room full of people and cried and cried. Daddy could not console me the closer it got the worse I felt. I couldnt hide my emotions anymore I could dno nothing but cry. After having everything checked & talking with the anaethesist I was sent to the emergency care of the neonatal unit because my blood pressure was dangerously high. I spent the day hooked to monitors and such. The doctors kept checking me and at one stage they were going to bring me on but Twin A had her foot in the way but Twin B had moved from the breech position. In this position a successful birth could still not be expected . They eventually allowed me to come home as my blood pressure had lowered & as I was already booked in for a C section the next day they thought it was aafe to wait till morning.. The next morning at 6 am we left home nanny came with us and we picked Grandma up on the way. I have never been so scared in my life they prepared me for surgery and I cried and cried. this is where we said goodbye to grandma and nanny they would wait in the waiting room till you were both born. Nobody could say anything to console me I was truly scared for my precious babies. For 37 weeks you had grown within me I couldnt bear the thought of anything happening to either of you. As soon as I walked into the operating theatre(yes they let me walk) I did not get time to think. I had doctors talkign to me and the anaethesist and his assistant and within the blink of an eye the empty operating theatre was full of medical staff. There was a medical team for each baby on opposite sides of the room. Daddy held my hand thw hole time and the anaethesists assistant held the other. Before I knew it at 9:30 am Twin B was born a beautiful Baby Boy with a healthy set of lungs we named you Tyler James. You screamed they lay you on my chest and you was immediatly quiet you snuggled in but they whisked you away to be checked by the medical staff. 30 seconds later Twin A was born a gorgeous baby girl. We named you Tahlia Lee> All my fears were gone tears of joy streamed down our faces you were both just perfect we could not have asked for more. So that my precious babies is the story of your birth and how excited we all were to meet you both. I was truly blessed x2 and not a day goes by where I am not thankful for being your Mum.Love You both so much MummyXX
Sorry it was so long but think it adds to the emotion of the page.


Danielle said...

Wow Carolyn, what a gorgeous piece of journalling! Your layouts are so super precious - definitely to be treasured forever!
Hugs, Danielle

Carolyn said...

Aww Thank you Danielle you are such a sweet lady. Much appreciated.